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    العملية التدريبية وعلاقتها في رفع كفاءة أداء العاملين في القطاع المصرفي
    ( 2020-06-01) الجدي ، ماجد
    This study intends to identify the relation of the training process in raising the efficiency of the performance of employees in the banking sector. A questionnaire was distributed to the employees of the banks in the west bank & Gaza Strip as a tool for study. The most important results was: All variables of training process, like training needs, the design and the construction of the training program, the implementation of the training program& the evaluation of the training program are impact of the efficiency of the performance of employees in the banking sector The research concluded the importance of developing training programs implemented by banks in the banking sector in order to assist the employees to solve the daily work problems and assume greater responsibilities and determine training needs of the workers according to correct and clear standards for all employees in the banking sector.
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    سلوكيات التنمر التي تتعرض لها طالبات ذوات صعوبات التعلم في المرحلة الابتدائية من وجهة نظر المعلمات والأمهات في مدينة الدمام
    ( 2020-06-01) العتيبي ، نوال ; أبو جادو ، محمود
    This study aimed to identify the most common bullying behaviors and dimensions, against female students with learning disabilities, in primary school, from the viewpoint of their teachers and mothers in Dammam city. It also aimed to identify differences in female teachers' responses, to these behaviors towards the targeted group, according to (academic qualification and years of experience) variables. It also aimed to identify differences in mothers’ responses, to bullying behaviors, against female students with learning disabilities, according to (academic qualification) variable. To achieve the study objectives, the researcher used the descriptive approach, and prepared two questionnaires for bullying behaviors, against female students with learning disabilities, from the viewpoint of their teachers and mothers. The study sample was represented in a purposive sample of female teachers, they were 35. Female teachers of public education at the primary level were 256, and the number of mothers was 139, at all schools (i.e. public and private schools) in Dammam city. The study concluded that the most common bullying behaviors in the targeted group, from the viewpoint of their teachers and mothers are: social bullying behaviors which came first, followed by verbal bullying behaviors, and physical bullying behaviors respectively. Female teachers of public education, learning disabilities female teachers, and mothers of female students agreed that: the most common bullying behaviors are: “the female student is ignored by her colleagues within social dimension, being interrupted when speaking to her colleagues within verbal dimension, and getting hit by colleagues within the physical dimension. On the other side, female teachers in public schools, see that the most common bullying behavior, within the physical dimension, is that the female student is getting things ruined. The study recommended the importance of getting learning disabilities and public education female teachers, and mothers, aware of bullying behaviors. It also recommended providing training courses for all workers in the school, and parents, to identify symptoms and consequences related to bullying against female student with learning disabilities, improving educational and scientific methods when dealing with them, encouraging parents to improve positive relationships with their children, and identifying negative behaviors against them at school.
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    منهجية القران الكريم في اثبات البعث دراسة موضوعية
    ( 2020-06-01) البراوي ، فوزية
    This research presents the methodology of the Holy Quran in proving the revive by: 1. Addressing the mind: This is inferred by: the wisdom of God and His justice who require the non-compromise between the good and the bad, and the ability of God - Almighty - to: Revive the dead land, take the thing out against him, create fire from the green trees, get vigilance after sleep, create the hardest of resurrection. Sense and vision: This is inferred from the attitudes of revival after death in the Quran, and which are: 2. The death of a group of worshipers of the calf from the children of Israel and then revived, the revival of a man of the children of Israel after his death, the revival of some of the children of Israel after their death, Ouzeir; who was killed by Allah and then Allah revived him, the four birds of Abraham, which God has killed and then revived, Jesus - peace be upon him - revived the dead -God willing-, the death of the people of the cave and their revival.
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    القدرة التنبؤية لمعدل الثانوية العامة بالمعدل التراكمي الجامعي لدى طلبة جامعة عمان العربية
    ( 2020-06-01) وهبة ، سحر ; النصراوين ، معين
    This study aimed to investigate the predictive ability of the average of high school grades at the university grade point average for students of Amman Arab University and to indicate its effectiveness as a criterion for accepting students in universities and distributing them to various university specializations. The study population consisted of all Amman Arab University students who graduated from the university during the years (2014 to 2018) based on their averages in high school and reached (459) students. The results of the study showed that there is no statistically significant correlation between the secondary level and the university grade point average for students in Amman Arab University, while there are significant differences in the correlation coefficient between the secondary and the university grade point average depending on the gender variable, and did not show significant differences in the correlation coefficient between the secondary rate The university grade point average, according to the variable for the general secondary branch. While there is a statistical significance for the percentage of explained variation from total variation in the cumulative average for the Faculty of Arts from the faculties of the university and with a percentage (0.08%) of the total variance. The study recommends the necessity of reviewing the use of the general secondary rate as a criterion for university admission, establishing a national institution concerned with testing and measurement matters in general, designing a general admission test and admission tests specific to each university specialization, and establishing a national institution concerned with testing and standards affairs and disseminating it for university admission purposes.
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    رؤية مقترح لتطبيق نموذج الاشراف التربوي المدمج في المدارس الحكومية بالمملكة العربية السعودية
    ( 2020-06-01) العمري ، صبياء
    The current study aimed to present a proposed vision for the application of the integrated educational supervision model in public schools in Saudi Arabia based on the need to develop educational supervision in Saudi Arabia as the cornerstone of the process of evaluating and evaluating the quality of teacher and school, The Integrated educational supervision model is one of the recent trends in the field of educational supervision, which contributes greatly to solving educational and educational problems, especially in times of crisis and disaster, and is known as this type of supervision that mixes supervision with supervision direct by classroom visits, dialogues and meetings (traditional supervision) with indirect supervision by modern communication mechanisms using computer networks and multimedia (electronic supervision). One of the most important mechanisms for implementing the proposed vision is: to pass legislation and laws to enact the application of integrated educational supervision and make its compulsory application to both the educational supervisor and the teacher, and to spread the culture of the Integrated educational supervision model through the portal of the Ministry of Education, educational forums, educational issues, and the media Educational, the issuance of a practical guide to the objectives of the Integrated supervision model and the mechanisms of its application, in addition to holding training and introductory courses in the application of Integrated educational supervision methods.