Nationalism and State Building: lessons from South Korea Samar M.، Alabadla Moutaz، Abu Ismail 2022-12-17T10:07:11Z 2022-12-17T10:07:11Z 2017-09-30
dc.description.abstract This study aims to clarify the concept of nationalism among South Koreans and its effects on building their state after the Korea war in 1953 which comprehensively destroyed the country at that time. The aim beyond this study is to extract the benefit and the lessons for Palestine which suffers nearly the same from what Koreans had already suffered. Thus, the two researchers have applied a questionnaire on a sample male and female (334) of Korean graduates who study in the International Studies College, as an attempt to measure the level of nationalism and the love of the country which helped in building the developed country of Korea. The two researchers used the mixed method in order to reach the deep understanding of the study. They have found out that the degree of nationalism concept is high among Koreans
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dc.title Nationalism and State Building: lessons from South Korea
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