The Oral Proficiency of English Majors at AL-Azhar University-Gaza

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This study aimed at investigating the reality of oral proficiency of English majors at AL-AzharUniversity-Gaza. The researcher conducted an oral proficiency test on a sample of (22) sophomore English majors who were chosen from the Faculty of Education at AL-Azhar University-Gaza during the first semester of the academic year 2014-2015. The participants of the study included 12 females and 10 males who were divided according to their cumulative general points average (CGPA) into 11 high achievers and 11 low achievers.The instrument required for the study was an oral proficiency test and two trained English language instructors recorded and analyzed the participants' oral production . The instructors' analyses of the participants' oral production consisted of grammar accuracy, syntactic complexity and fluency. Results revealed that the oral proficiency of high and low achievers of English majors at AL-Azhar University-Gaza is not up to the required level of English foreign language learners’ level. Key Words: Oral Proficiency, AL-Azhar University-Gaza