The American Experience In The System Of Preparing Kindergarten Teacher And How To Use It In The Gaza Governorates

The study aimed at visualizing a philosophical proposal to prepare a kindergarten teacher in the Gaza Strip in light of the American experience , after identifying the roles and competencies teacher kindergarten and expected advocated by many studies and scientific conferences , international experience, and to achieve that follow researchers descriptive approach (comparative and structural) .The study showed:  The most important criteria for accepting parameters in the colleges of education is the desire to work with children, emotional, nervous and consistency.  Minimum work in kindergarten is to get a bachelor's degree in early childhood education.  Early Childhood more colleges of education departments in American universities cost, where material resources focused on the impact of the numerous technological trends  Preparing children to be teachers in the light of the National Council for the adoption of standards of teacher education programs (NCATE) through a variety of university programs . The study showed weaknesses in fact prepare teachers in the provinces of Gaza , and in the light of this was conceived in the areas of : ( admission requirements , teaching methods , plans and programs , evaluation) , the study recommended the need to work to adopt this perception , and to review the preparation and admission programs majoring in kindergarten , and admission is limited to the female students.