ISTE تقويم كتاب التكنولوجيا للصف العاشر والحادي عشر والثاني عشر في ضوء المعايير العالمية للتكنولوجيا في مجال التعليم

This study aimed to assess theTechnology Textbooks for 10 th Grade,11th Grade and12th Grade in light of (ISTE) from Teachers’ Point of View at The Governmental Schools at Nablus City., the sample consists of (100) teachers .The results of the study show tha all the Evaluation Assessments are high .While there were no statistical significance differences amongTeachers assessments due to variables : Gender, Scientific qualification, Specialization,Experience in Education and the number of Training Courses.The study recommended that the Ministry Of Education in Palestine must continue using these text books at all the schools and continue developing the Technology text books by relating the development of the textbooks with International Standards of Technolo in Education(ISTE), and to organize and held workshop and training courses that help the teachers to know more about these standerds.