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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2007Academic University of Palestine HandbookAcademic affairs
1-Jun-2016Achieving Creativity in Contemporary Architecture Designبربخ, سعيد; نعيم, وليد; بشبش, محمود
19-Sep-2017Analysis and Design of Ansar MallElian, Osama; Abo Dagga, Mohammed; Tabash, Hussein; Abo Ouda, Abd El Gaffar; Helles, Salem
30-Sep-2017Analysis of Educational Values in English for Palestine Ninth Grade TextbookShaat, Mohamed
15-Feb-2016Android Mobile Application For Healthy FitnessSaidam., Abeer; AbuKwiak, Yasmeen
18-Jul-2012Android Mobile Application for Palestinian Healthcare AMAPHAlSaqqa, Ahmed; AlNabih, Rajab
17-Jun-2017Aphthous Ulcer Causes and ManagementAl Sultan, Yasmeen; Atalla, Heba
5-Jul-2013Arabic Loanwords in English: The Neglected Asset of Arab EFL LearnersMourtaga, Kamal R.
10-Oct-2016The Aspects of Strategic Human Resources Management And Their Role in Development Competitive Advantagealamawi, aseel
1-Jun-2017Augmented Realty Learning Prototype for Primary School (AR-LPS)Abo Kwaik, Alaa; Abd Albare, Lina; Zoarob, Maaly; Balata, Maisoon
21-Nov-2017Auto-detection prototype of a healthy sitting for computer usersDoghmosh, Baraa; Tayeh, Mohammad; AlTana, Ibrahim
2-Feb-2017Bahavior of OMW Ash in Portland Cement Concrete Mixes compared with Coal Ash for Structural and Non-structural Useشومان, محمد
1-May-2016The Banks Liquidity And Its Effect On Rate Of Return Applied Study On Banks In Gaza StripQadada, Ahmed; Ismail, Jaber
31-Jan-2018Career assessment & Augmentation online systemأبودقة, عبدالله; غبن, عبدالهادي; عكاشة, سامي; أبوهاشم, فاتن
21-Jan-2014Cognitive Radio Technology for Improving Capacity of Mobile Communication Systems in PalestineMousa, Anwar
1-Feb-2015Collaborative Enterprise Web-Based Application For Software Projects ManagementMenahi, Mohammed; Muhaisen, Ibrahim; Mahdi, Nermin
1-Jun-2016Design and Development of Al-Rasheed Road Package number 10 in Gaza StripEl-Nijmie, Fouad; Siam, Moataz; Ewada, Mohammed; Abu Azab, Moeen; Eid, Haitham
9-Jul-2015Detection Location For Bus School (DLBS) by Web ApplicationAlzeriei, Haneen; Tabash, Rana; Qudiah, Nihad
24-Mar-2017E-Account APPAl-kahlout, Aysha; salha, Bothina; El-haddad, Nour
20-Jan-2010E-government AnalysisEl-Sersik, Hashem; Abu Hamad, Ashraf; Alfalet, Abd Elrahman; El Farra, Abd El Hamid