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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jun-2016Design and Development of Al-Rasheed Road Package number 10 in Gaza StripEl-Nijmie, Fouad; Siam, Moataz; Ewada, Mohammed; Abu Azab, Moeen; Eid, Haitham
9-Jul-2015Detection Location For Bus School (DLBS) by Web ApplicationAlzeriei, Haneen; Tabash, Rana; Qudiah, Nihad
24-Mar-2017E-Account APPAl-kahlout, Aysha; salha, Bothina; El-haddad, Nour
20-Jan-2010E-government AnalysisEl-Sersik, Hashem; Abu Hamad, Ashraf; Alfalet, Abd Elrahman; El Farra, Abd El Hamid
2-Oct-2016E-learning Web & Mobile ApplicationAl Shike Salama, Alaa; ALnahhal, Enas; Gdeeh, Ghadeer
26-Jun-2014E-LIXIR SYSTEM ANDROID AND WEB APPLICATION FOR CLINIC MANAGEMENT SYSTEMAbu Shamala, Saleh; El aklook, Rania N.; Abu Suhaiban, Samah; asfour, Hassn; Abdulmajid, Heba; Shatat, Ahmed
6-Sep-2016E-School – School Management SystemAl-hayek, Ahmad; hijazi, Faisal; Abu mualiq, Jameel
1-Jun-2016E-School – School Management SystemAl-hayek, Ahmad; hijazi, Faisal; Abu mualiq, Jameel
20-Jul-2015Easy Meal Meal On WheelsWahab, Abed El; Mohanna, Ahmed; Abo Kashef, Yahiya; Hessen, Yousef; El Ati, Abed
13-Dec-2015The Economic Cost of the Israeli OccupationRishmawi, Khaldoun; Isaac, Jad; Manal, Khalil
5-Mar-2016ECRIF : A framework for learning and teaching speaking in light of Experiential learningAbu Shawish, Jaber
15-Mar-2012The Effect of a Computerized Program on Developing Palestinian Ninth Graders' Reading Comprehension Skills and their Attitudes towards ReadingAwad, Keshta; Alaa, Udaini
8-May-2014The Effect of Atorvastatin on Liver Function among Patients with Coronary Heart Disease in Gaza StripTaleb, Mahmmoud H.; Almasri, Ihab M.; Siam, Naima I.; Najim, Ahmed A.; Ahmed, Adham I.
1-May-2016The effectiveness of internal audit system in reducing the occurrence of errors and frauds in Palestinian services companiesSaqallah, Hania; Eltaweel, Ebtihaj
11-Mar-2016Evaluate the Effect of Waste Ground Rubber Tire Powder in Hot Mix AsphaltAbusharar, Sari W.; Al-Tayeb, Mustafa
15-Mar-2012Examining the Effect of Cognitive Style in Individuals' Technology Use Decision MakingManar , A. Hassan
1-Oct-2016Experimental study of structural behavior of mesh-box GabionZ. Al Helo, Mohamad; S. Al-Massri, Mohammed; H. Abu-Assi, Hesham; J. Hammouda, Mohammed; T. Joma, Islam
1-May-2016Exploration Robot Controlled by an Android ApplicationAl-Wakeel, Mohammed; Ayesh, Waseem
21-Jan-2014Flexural Behavior of Concrete-Filled Steel Hollow Sections BeamsTayeh, Ali