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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Jan-2015Identity Crisis of the ‘I’ and ‘the other’ in Gassan Kanafani's Returning to Haifa and Anton Shammas's ArabesqueElhallaq, Ayman; Habeeb, Akram
9-Jun-2017The Impact Women to Improve Financial Performance within BanksYousef, AL Hassan; Abu Dayya, Amal; AL Awawda, Menna
9-Jun-2017The Impact Women to Improve Financial Performance within BanksYousef, AL Hassan; Abu Dayya, Amal; AL Awawda, Menna
15-Mar-2011Importance of industrial zones on economic growth within the Gaza Strip Case Study Industrial Cityمصبح, نائل; ابو جامع, نسيم; Mesbeh, Nail; AbuJameh, Nssim
1-Oct-2016Improvement of Bearing Capacity of Single Footing on Reinforced Double layer Soil system by GeotextileAl-Safadi, Hamza; Helles, Mohamed; Kudaih, Ismail; Al-Shawa, Suhaib
19-Jun-2017The influence of Calcium Carbonate precipitation of soil's behaviorMansour, Mustafa; Abu Mayla, Ahmad; Abu Dagga, Hany; Alnahal, Ahmad
21-Sep-2017Investigating Punctuation Difficulties Encountered by English Majors at the University of PalestineHamatto, Doha
1-Feb-2014Level of Digital Citizenship Among a Sample of Students of Palestine University from Their Point of Viewأكرم, شعت
1-Jul-2016MCloudأبو حسنة, محمد; ابو ظريفة, علاء; مشتهى, روان
1-Feb-2017Mechanical Properties of Plastic Concrete Under Static and Impact LoadEl-Hadad, Abdulaziz Mohammed; El-Mashhrawi, Deaa Jamal; El-Salhy, Khaled Waleed
27-Jun-2016A Mobile Application for Borrowing Books from the Library of University of PalestineBasiouny, Tariq; Hanafi, Khalid; Abu Muaileq, Firas
17-Sep-2017Mobile Application For Personal Activities ManagementAbu Sultan, Ahmad; Al-Atbash, Ahmed; Al-Alami, Ahmed
5-Aug-2017Mobile Application For Personal Activities Management ( Life Scheduler )Abu Sultan, Ahmad; Al-Atbash, Ahmed; Al-Alami, Ahmed
25-Jan-2016Mobile Application for Simulated Archaeological PlacesAlagha, Ahmed; Tabash, Ahmed; Tabash, Alaa; Alghlainy, Jawad
5-Jul-2013Mobile Learning Services Acceptance Model among Higher Education StudentsAlzaza, Naji S.
16-Oct-2016My School - School Management System Based on WebAwadallah, Khaled
30-Sep-2017Nationalism and State Building: lessons from South KoreaAlabadla, Samar; Abu Ismail, Moutaz
15-Jun-2013Online Group Buying Discount SystemEleyan, Ahmed; Al-kurdy, Hebatallah
19-Jun-2017Online medical counselingAl Zainy, Majed; Alkariri, Bahaa