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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Feb-2015Personal Medical Consultant (PMC): An Expert Systemmatar, Mohammad; sabbah, Mohammad; dardsawi, Ali; Qasem, Akram
5-Jul-2013Possibility of Applying Time-Driven Activity-Based Costing in Bank of Palestineالداعور, جبر
1-Jul-2017Post and Core in Pediatric Dentistrymonia, Islam; Abu Helal, Yousef; Altalla, Husam
21-Jun-2017Preverance Of Impacted Teeth Based On Orthopantomogramic FindingsAbu Tawela, Diana; Abu Tayeh, Rewaa; Mahfouz, Shaimaa
21-Jan-2014Proposed system for learning & testing by mobileAl Buhisi, Nabil
19-Jun-2017The Protection of Civilians During The International Armed ConflictsAl Derawi, Mohammed
15-Jan-2015Quality of Nursing Courses as Perceived by Students: Relationship with Their Academic Achievement in Palestine College of NursingYousif, Awad
1-Jun-2016Quantities Predictor Model (QPM) Based on Artificial Neural Networks works for Gaza Strip Building ContractorsHaddad, Eyad
1-Jan-2016Rewards systems at the organizational level and execution of projects in the construction industry in Gaza stripKH. Timraz, Abed El-Rahman; Abu Shoqa, Amer W.; Abu Kaarsh, Dima J.; El-Bassaina, Mai I.
1-Jun-2016School Management System Based on WebAwadallah, Khaled
Mar-2013Seasonal and Spatial Variation in Sea Surface Temperature in the South-East Mediterranean SeaAbudaya, Mohammed
5-Jul-2013Social Aids Cross-CheckerAl-Falouji, Ahmed; Al Saqqa, Hitham; Sobeh, Mohamed
18-Jun-2017Surface Treatment Methods To Improve The Adhesive Cementation Of Zirconia Based CeramicAbu Shab, Noha; El-Naamy, Noor
May-2014Taxi Office ApplicationsAl Nijme, Yousuf; Al Okaily, Mohammad; Nada, Ahmed
17-Apr-2016The legal consequences in Counter Cyber CrimesAbulamddi, Mohammed
18-Jun-2017Third molar Extraction or other option in dental clinicEl-khodary, Mohammed; Safi, Mohammed; Alrafaty, AbedAllah
22-Jun-2017This work is dedicated to our parents for their endless supportAlnahal, Ahmad; Mansour, Mustafa; Abu-Mayla, Ahmad; Abu-Dagga., Hany
21-Jan-2014Training Needs of Engineer Teachers in the Palestinian Industrial SchoolsShamleh, Abdul; Al Jammal, Raed
20-Jun-2017Trigeminal neuralgia character,diagnosis and etiologyKHALEFAh, ZEINAB; ABU HAMRA, KHOLOUD