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Title: Online Group Buying Discount System
Authors: Eleyan, Ahmed
Al-kurdy, Hebatallah
Keywords: Discount System
Group Buying
Online Group
Issue Date: 15-Jun-2013
Publisher: Faculty of Applied Engineering and Urban Planning
Abstract: Negotiating on the price of a product or service is a daily activity in Gaza city, however, due to the nature of these transactions domestically it is impossible for a seller to offer similar discounts as haggling is not a common practice, but they can do it for a large number of buyers in one time deal. The online group buying discount system (OGBDS) is an E-commerce system built on ASP.NET technology. OGBDS operates based on a principle called collective buying power, which means trying to get the largest possible number of buyers to purchase the product or service with a high discount rate in a limited time. The idea originated from the hard economy in Gaza and the belief that technology can help solve this issue. In our web application, we combined e-commerce with traditional thinking in trade in the Gaza Strip to provide a simple pre-paid card to charge customers’ accounts. In addition, we're providing payment by PayPal compatible system so our project can keep pace with the revolution of technology. We used modified waterfall methodology in order to develop this project in addition to creating a responsive design interface that will allow the application to cater to different device interfaces.
Description: Online Group Buying Discount System Supervisor Dr. Abed El-Hamid Zougbor University of Palestine Faculty of Applied Engineering and Urban Planning Department of Software Engineering
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