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Title: Collaborative Enterprise Web-Based Application For Software Projects Management
Authors: Menahi, Mohammed
Muhaisen, Ibrahim
Mahdi, Nermin
Keywords: Collaborative
Software Projects Manafement
Issue Date: 1-Feb-2015
Publisher: Faculty of Applied Engineering and Urban Planning
Abstract: Project management and web application are connected to each other; small and large companies around the world chose web-based software to manage their projects: Web-based project management software brings more usability, convenience and profitability to the companies what so ever their fields of production are. Plan B is a web-based application built using open-source web technologies dedicated for software projects management and people involved with software development using SDLC-based and Agile-based development methodologies. It aims to cover the shortcoming and weaknesses of project management software, fill the gap of controlling, keep tracking with progress related to software projects and allow software project manager to schedule tasks in each software development phase. It also monitors how tasks are accomplished whether it is succeeded or failed. As well as it observes the time required for each task according to the timetable determined previously. Its methodology is a combination between two Agile methodologies: XP and Scrum. In order to fit Plan B system, XP methodology tends to fit technical aspects of software and Scrum which tends to fit managerial aspects of software. Combining the two methodologies achieves developing the Plan B system taking into account the two concerns to build a robust system. Plan B System was modeled using UML v2.1, designed using responsive design technologies, implemented using PHP 5.6 via Laravel framework 4.2, tested and integrated at multiple levels of testing to gain acceptance and evaluated form two perspectives: technical and end-user perspectives. Based on this achievement, the research recommended the necessity of applying the Plan B system in local Palestinian software houses.
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