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Title: Overcoming Resistance to Change in Engineering and Construction Company in Gaza Strip
Authors: S. ALkhozondar, Taher
O. ALnkhala, Amjad
M. ALkhozondar, Maryam
Keywords: Resistance
Gaza Strip
Issue Date: 1-Jun-2016
Publisher: University of Palestine College of Applied Engineering and Urban Planning Civil Engineering Department Construction Management
Abstract: During rapidly changing phenomenon in various spheres of life in the Gaza Strip, the construction companies have become more vulnerable to sudden changes, and even continue to survive and prosper and succeed, you must not sit and control the circumstances of the fate of the company, so it has become necessary for companies today to seek and plan to manage the change process and do measure the impact of change on the company and benefit from it in the interests and objectives of the company. the process of change Lead to a break in the routine work of the employees, it is normal to face opposite reactions, here have managers organize change process encourages employees who lead the company to improve continuous development. This research’s goal is to show importance of change to face engineering company’s challenges in Gaza strip, and discover all reasons behind facing change management and get over it. Furthermore, do the measuring impact for individuals to the Change Management process. This study is based on three major levels; the first thing is revising all previous studies in the related subject, then collect data through giving surveys and doing felid search, and the last thing was to do statistical analysis and data’s scientific discussion. There are 120 companies respond to and the statistical analysis has been made using SPSS program. Statistical analysis showed that most of companies has enough attention to change and improve their company’s ability to compete in the construction field, but they are not hiring expert consultants to do this mission. As the result show that war, siege and political matters are the most basic reasons for the change process. It also shows that the employee’s obligation for this change is their regular routine for doing their job, on the other hand, the company is forcing them to change the way they work even if it forced to give the X for some of them. This study revealed a way for the company to explain the definition of change and how important it is for its employees using motivation and increasing salaries and it was positive. At the end, a lot of recommendation were set to improve the change process and also keep the company moving forward in the construction field and overcome changing resistance in an effecting way.
Description: Overcoming Resistance to Change in Engineering and Construction Company in Gaza Strip
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