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Title: MCloud
Authors: أبو حسنة, محمد
ابو ظريفة, علاء
مشتهى, روان
Keywords: Google Drive
social media
Issue Date: 1-Jul-2016
Publisher: University of Palestine, College of Applied Engineering and Urban Planning, Software Engineering Department
Abstract: Storing and sharing files is a task that all internet users do every day, in recent years the way people store their files is changed due the emergence of cloud storages services such as Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox, etc. They introduced a great solution for most users when it comes to storing files and sharing it with others. There are a ton of cloud storages options out there. Inevitably, everyone finds a favorite, but more than likely, a lot of users end up with a bunch of unused free storage from other services or the circumstances dictates them to use different cloud drives in case the user prefers Google Drive for example, but his work’s infrastructure uses Dropbox and his friends keep sharing files and photos using OneDrive. As a result the user begin to suffer from the same problem that was hoping to avoid from the first place, it became so frustrating to manage, store and share his files because it’s scattered in several storages and each one requires its own login. Duo to this, MCloud was born. MCloud is a web-based application essentially as cloud service that can put multiple cloud drives into one. It mainly serves for the users who have multiple cloud drives and in the need for managing all the files in their cloud drives through just one single account. MCloud users can connect their MCloud profile to other cloud storage services such as Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox. This connection allows the MCloud user to browse all files of these different drives in the same place without opening too many tabs or keeping longing in and out. Furthermore the team made sure that most functionalities that were available in the original cloud drives are also exists in MCloud system as well for instances the user can share files on social media and copy a sharable link to send it via email or a chat, also the major file management tools like creating, deleting and renaming files and folders are available, in addition to that the user also able to download and upload files easily. The team was dedicated to develop the system in the most fitted development practices with the available skills by using the ASP.NET MVC as the development framework with C# as programming language for our system following the incremental model with all the shear amount of advantages it offers. MCloud system is designed with a easy to use and user-friendly interface with responsive design technologies in order to give the user the ultimate solution for using cloud storage services.
Description: supervisor Dr. Abed El-Hamid Zougbor
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