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Title: الصورة الذهنية لدى الجمهور الفلسطيني تجاه شركة جوال
Authors: أبو عبيد, نوران
Keywords: Jawwal
Palestinian Cellular Company
Issue Date: 1-Jun-2016
Publisher: كلية الإعلام وتكنولوجيا المعلومات
Abstract: This research is one of the Analytical studies which aims to identify the Palestinians' point of view towards Jawwal Company and Compare this point of view between Gaza strip and The West Bank This Study is four Chapters which include :  The First Chapter: The general research framework.  The Second Chapter: The theoretical framework which includes. two studies. The first study: The Image and public relations. The Second study: Jawwal, The Palestinian Cellular Company which includes two subjects: First subject : A look at Jawwal, The Palestinian Cellular company. Second Subject: The Public Relations in Jawwal Company.  The Third Chapter: The study methodology.  The Forth Chapter: Questionnaire analysis. Some Important Results of the Research: 1. The Palestinian audience's point of view towards Jawwal Company is Positive point of view wether in Gaza strip or West Bank. 2. The public thinks that Jawwal company enough commitment to the social responsibility. 3. There are no essential differences in the public's ibage even when it regards to different samples' standards of (Gender- Age- Residence- Income Level). 4. That Most Users of the Wataniya mobile, Celecom, and Orange prefer their carrier more than Jawwal, and their Majority is in The West bank. 5. That Jawwal's Aidience has positive opinions towards the publication of Public Relation in the Jawwal Company.
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