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Title: مدى رضا الموظفين عن أنظمة التعويض والحوافز دراسة ميدانية على موظفي كلية مجتمع- تدريب غزة العاملين في وكالة الغوث بقطاع غزة
Authors: أبو طويلة, غدير
طبازة, ريما
Keywords: مستوى رضا العاملين
الأنظمة التعويضية
التحليلي الوصفي
Issue Date: 1-Feb-2014
Publisher: جامعة فلسطين -إدارة المال والأعمال University of Palestine
Abstract: This study aims to identify the level of satisfaction of the employees in the training college community / Gaza GTC for compensation and incentives to operate under different prosthetic systems, through an analysis of relational ties between the areas of incentives and compensation work and personal variables of respondents. The division of compensation and incentives in this study to the salary, promotion, benefits resulting from termination of employment, and other benefits. While the personal variables identified sex, age, marital status, number of dependents, educational qualification, years of experience, salary, place of residence, and the contractual system. Necessitated the nature and requirements of this research using analytical descriptive approach, because it depends on the study of the situation as it is on the ground and describe accurately expressed in quantity and quality. I have been using the descriptive approach in the study of theoretical and empirical study used analytical method which is based on information and data on the phenomenon and operates on its interpretation and analysis. It was obtained to search the necessary secondary data through access to books and research and previous studies similar to the study . were collected preliminary information through a questionnaire distributed to employees. The researchers identified a study population, which consists of a community college / Training Gaza staff have numbered 150 employees, it has been selected a random sample of 100 single. The researchers unload and analyze the questionnaire through statistical analysis software Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS), has been the use of statistical methods such as descriptive statistics, including: the percentage and the arithmetic mean, standard deviation and relative weight, this is used mainly in order to see a repeat classes variable is useful the researchers describe the study variables. And also by Berson correlation coefficient, Cronbach's alpha and test, test normal distribution, and testing of T per sample. The results showed, the most important to the existence of a positive correlation statistically significant between the salary and job satisfaction among college Gaza training staff, as the probability value is less than 0.05, and this shows that the more salary whenever led to increase job satisfaction among faculty training staff Gaza. Recommends that researchers need to unify the contractual regimes, as well as work to improve across a field survey of the rates of wages and cost of living compared with rates of staff salaries, researchers also recommends the need to re-examine the applicable promotion system in the international relief agency.
Description: تهدف هذه الدراسة إلى التعرف على مستوى رضا العاملين في كلية تدريب مجتمع/غزة GTC عن تعويضان وحوافز العمل في ظل الأنظمة التعويضية المختلفة، وذلك من خلال إجراء تحليل العلاقات الترابطية بين مجالات حوافز وتعويضات العمل والمتغيرات الشخصية للمبحوثين. وقد تم تقسيم التعويضات والحوافز في هذه الدراسة إلى الراتب وزياداته، الترقية، المزايا المترتبة على إنهاء الخدمة، والمزايا الأخرى. في حين أن المتغيرات الشخصية حددت بالجنس، والعمر، والحالة الاجتماعية، وعدد المعالين، والمؤهل العلمي، وسنوات الخبرة، والراتب، ومكان السكن، والنظام التعاقدي.
ISSN: 2410-874X
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