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Title: Design and Development of Al-Rasheed Road Package number 10 in Gaza Strip
Authors: El-Nijmie, Fouad
Siam, Moataz
Ewada, Mohammed
Abu Azab, Moeen
Eid, Haitham
Keywords: Design
Road Package
Gaza Strip
Issue Date: 1-Jun-2016
Publisher: University of Palestine College of Applied Engineering and Urban Planning Department of Civil Engineering
Abstract: This project main goal is the development and design of street, In North west region of Gaza Strip called Al-Rasheed street package No. 10, streets around 2080 m. The project included theoretical topics needed in the design and implementation as well as the steps and stages followed in the design of the project since its stages until the end. The project dealt with in the foreground on the cause of his choice and purpose and action plan in place to complete the project, also presented a comprehensive study of the project area in terms of location, importance and current status of the street, including case studies to raise surveyors and traffic statistics, which also identifies the factors affecting the traffic statistics, have been clarified design engineering the content of classification of streets of the area and the calculation of the number of lanes and to identify trends of spinoff and the design of spin-off and vertical sectors of the streets, as well as structural design to the content to determine the types and thickness of the pavement of the streets of the region. Using AASHTO for the design and method of paving asphalt for the design of pavement concrete bricks, and to clarity the requirements and standards for the design of parking geometrically and structurally. Finally, the results were presented and the recommendations that come out through the study of this region and its development. At the end of the project is attached appendices, outlines, and illustrations for the implementation and completion of various phases of the project.
Description: Design and Development of Al-Rasheed Road Package number 10 in Gaza Strip
ISSN: 2410-874X
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