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Title: Web application for E-learning and E-exams system
Authors: Afana, Mohanned
Al-Nakhal, Hazem
Al-Najjar, Mohammed
Keywords: Ekhtaberni
E-exams system
Issue Date: 1-May-2015
Publisher: Faculty of Information Technology Department of Management Information Systems
Abstract: In recent years, with the development technologies, people became more and more depending on the internet and technologies in their life. In the same time, the education field getting more and more bigger. Ekhtaberni is a web application that allow teachers to make exams online and allow students to solve it online. This project developed to make it easier for teachers to make an exam and more accurate to correct the answers and calculate grades and average. Waterfall modified SDLC methodology have been followed to develop the system, it have been passed through five stages starting from requirements analysis and ended with Integration and maintenance. The requirements of the system have been determined through interviews and two types of questioner, one for teachers and the other is for students. The final result is that most of participants agreed that using Ekhtaberni is more effective , efficient, and easier for teachers, students, and managers. In addition, most of them founded the system is easy to use and achieve usability and learnability after trying the system and deal with it. According to the survey and the evaluation of the system, it can be estimated that the idea of Electronic Exams System is applicable and can be implemented in the schools.
Description: Ekhtaberni Web application for E-learning and E-exams system
ISSN: 2410-874X
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