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Title: E-government Analysis
Other Titles: تحليل الحكومة الالكترونية
Authors: El-Sersik, Hashem
Abu Hamad, Ashraf
Alfalet, Abd Elrahman
El Farra, Abd El Hamid
Keywords: e-government
cyber government
Issue Date: 20-Jan-2010
Publisher: University of Palestine Faculty of Information Technology
Abstract: Facing enterprises and government agencies these days many challenges at various levels to demonstrate its ability to develop Course of action to it, and raise the level of performance and result of operations, in order to provide this service and products of a higher level. This Shows the importance of effective and efficient are the procedures and work processes of enterprises that seek to maintain a high level of services The outputs provided by the improvement, raise quality and reduce the cost and duration lead to improved performance and increased profits, The structure and management of established procedures and operations at high-impact overall performance. In response to these challenges, enterprises have adopted each according to his needs and theories of administrative and technical assistance to achieve the performance levels Above. It is more of these propositions based methodology re-engineering of government services This guide provides comprehensive topics about re-engineering of government services in terms of concept and objectives, And clarifies the role re-design of projects and their relationship to e-government.
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