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Title: Urban agriculture and Eco-sanitation: the strategic potential toward poverty alleviation in the Gaza Strip
Authors: Al-Najar, Husam
Keywords: Urban
Gaza Strip
Issue Date: 7-Aug-2007
Publisher: RICS Research
Series/Report no.: Volume 7;Number 7
Abstract: The rapid increase in urban population, land scarcity and the challenge of urban food security has accelerated the phenomenon of urban agriculture in terms of water resources in the Gaza Strip. Urban agriculture and the pressures it exerts on water supply have been largely ignored by planning institutions. Model analysis shows that there is illegal over exploitation of potable water resources (80 Million cubic meter/year) by farmers who use it for irrigation. The treated effluent is enough to irrigate more than 100 km2 of permanent trees, equivalent to more than 50 million cubic meters of potable water. In addition, plans are proposed to convert 178 thousand tons of urban organic waste into useful material for agricultural production to boost farm profit. The questionnaire surveys undertaken in this study indicate that farmers are willing to use the treated effluent water. Generally, in spite of the fact that urban agriculture is practiced widely in the Gaza Strip, planning for urban agriculture is almost non-existent, and it seems to have been neglected by water providing institutions. Farm profit analysis shows that urban agriculture principles have failed and should be reconsidered. Planners should promote urban agriculture and eco-sanitation in parallel to save potable water for domestic purposes – a key tool for alleviating poverty – and should initiate a new link between urban planning and the protection of precious water resources. The relevant institutions should put in place a clear policy to ensure waste is recycled and used sustainably for urban agriculture.
Description: environmental, Applied Engineering and Urban Planning
ISBN: 978-1-84219-337-2
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