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Title: Social Aids Cross-Checker
Authors: Al-Falouji, Ahmed
Al Saqqa, Hitham
Sobeh, Mohamed
Keywords: Social Aids
Gaza Strip
Issue Date: 5-Jul-2013
Publisher: University of Palestine Faculty of Information Technology
Abstract: Social Aids Cross-Checker is a web application used to prevent the redundancy of the data from the organizations that support the poor families in Gaza Strip; so the aids can be distributed fairly without redundancy. In addition, having one system that manipulates the processes of the distribution activities is better to store the data in central database without redundancy. The technology which is used to provide the organizations with the work is cross-checker which integrated with the application itself. The system reduces traditional work and provides important services that the organizations need with high quality and efficiently. Furthermore, the system will be able to help different level of organizations by online system and we can connect to the system in at any time and place.
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