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Title: Personal Medical Consultant (PMC): An Expert System
Authors: matar, Mohammad
sabbah, Mohammad
dardsawi, Ali
Qasem, Akram
Keywords: Personal Medical Consultant
Issue Date: 20-Feb-2015
Publisher: University of Palestine Faculty of Information Technology
Abstract: This system we are needed to design it to help the patient to know the his disease and his treatment in early time, visit the website and choose the width, then he get the type or name of his illness and the treatment. In fact the first thing patient do is asking the experts who are around them before they go to meet a doctor . This study aims to facilitate instant (PMC) for early detection of the disease .The (PMC) expert with of was development and evaluate .(RAD) nothing was utilized for (PMC) . medical experts was participate of 30 specialist ,users evaluate results shows that (PMC) in usable .
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