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Title: A Mobile Application for Borrowing Books from the Library of University of Palestine
Authors: Basiouny, Tariq
Hanafi, Khalid
Abu Muaileq, Firas
Keywords: Application
Issue Date: 27-Jun-2016
Publisher: University of Palestine Faculty of Information Technology
Abstract: In the University of Palestine the students facing problems in the process of searching and borrowing books from the library. When they tries to do research and takes some references of their projects. At the “Mobi-Library” we solve some problems through develop an Application, where the students will do their research and borrow books by the Name of book and have information if the books are available in the database of the library. In the application we used the Extreme Programming (XP) Methodology. XP is a system of practices that a community of software developers is evolving to address the problems of quickly delivering quality software and then evolving it. After we finish the mobile application, we do some research to some students that attends the library of the university at the time of research and they were a total of 30 Students. 20 of them were usually goes to the library. And 15 of them give a positive impression about the application.
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