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Title: Detection Location For Bus School (DLBS) by Web Application
Authors: Alzeriei, Haneen
Tabash, Rana
Qudiah, Nihad
Keywords: children
Issue Date: 9-Jul-2015
Publisher: University of Palestine Faculty of Information Technology
Abstract: Millions of children need to be moved from home to school and vice versa every day. For parents, obtaining a safe transport for their children is a crucial issue. Many of the problems facing parents concerned track the progress of their children's line from the moment they came out of their homes and even their return to it again. Ease of access to Smartphone apps is transforming travel management. With much of the world waking up to the use of smart phones and becoming 'app-happy', it is perhaps logical and sensible for school bus operations to follow suit. Which is allowed pupils' parents to access real time information on bus locations and status via hand held devices. The app” Detection Location For Bus School (DLBS)” is the realization of a concept which goes back over a decade: provision of accurate, real time location information to parents. The app relies on a mix of Smartphone technology, GPS, automatic vehicle location and digital maps. PHP is a server-side scripting language designed for web development; We using PHP to connect android device and the MYSQL database. This project is use application to track the current location of the school bus by parents and the school authorities. The proposed systems also include parents about their child boarding the school bus. Also help the school to reduce the period of time to call the nearest driver is available instead of searching for the nearest driver to connect to the, for example, to transfer or buy things for the school it will pass from one place instead of sending a new driver for the other task.
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