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Title: Training Needs of Engineer Teachers in the Palestinian Industrial Schools
Authors: Shamleh, Abdul
Al Jammal, Raed
Keywords: Training
Issue Date: 21-Jan-2014
Publisher: University of Palestine, Majallat Jamiat Filastin lil-Abḥath
Abstract: It is a well established fact that human factor determines the organization efficiency and durability. Therefore, investing in it is one of the most important functions in all types of organizations. This may appear in the form of training, socialization, ensure employee comfort and satisfaction. To achieve this end, top level managements approves budgetary sanctions and creates administrative arrangements. Consequently, human resources management department became one of the major departments in organizational structures. It consists of many units each one of them takes care of a certain portion of this function. For instance employment unit invests in getting the best possible employees, whereas other units take care of employee benefits, satisfaction, interpersonal relations, safety and security, etc. The training unit in its term carries out the planning, implementing and monitoring human resources development tasks. This implies major activities as: assessing training needs, designing plans for program execution, preparing training material, make the requirements available, ensure the availability of conducive training environment, take care of the implementation affairs and then monitors the process. (Gaible& Burns 2005: 9). Literature in this field reveals that training needs assessment is the milestone component in the function. Despite that, this issue is not taken care of as it deserves.
ISSN: 2410-874X
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